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Field trip to FRIM: Learn bird watching (CAKE03)

  Click here for further info on Climate Action Kids Engagement (CAKE) trial programme Apply here until 22/4/2023 [Closed 3/4 - fully booked] Enquiry:

Branch Talk: Messenger from the Deep Time: New insights on Malaysian mammals

Speaker: Lim Tze Tshen When : Sat 8 Apr 2023 at 10am Where : Rimba Ilmu Auditorium, Universiti Malaya Google Map : Price : Free, but a refundable RM10 per person to secure your place Register and pay by : 5 April 2023 Enquiry : Programme 10:00am  Registration 10:05am  Refreshments 10:15am  Talk by Lim Tze Tshen, President of the Paleontological Society of Malaysia   11.15am  Q&A session 11.30am  End of program (Collect refund) SYNOPSIS   As part of the Sundaic biogeographic sub-region, Malaysia is home to a highly diverse mammal fauna remarkable not only in terms of the sheer number of species but also in the diversity of sizes and forms, behaviours, ecological relations, and the habitat types occupied. How it became so? Surely, such a unique fauna must have had a history of its own. But, how far back in the geological timescale can we trace the evolutionary history of the many species which make up the mammal faun

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