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Branch Trip: Tioman Island

In May 2023, Selangor Branch ran a Pulau Poll to ask MNS members a few questions on what they would do with their time if they were on a beautiful island for a few days. The result is a 4N5D trip to Pulau Tioman, a marine park which lies off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.  TRIP INFO Organiser:  Malaysian Nature Society - Selangor Branch When:  27-31 Oct 2023   Friday-Tuesday (4N5D) Places:  16 pax Open to: MNS members 5 years old and above (pre-requisites apply) For more info, scan QR code or click link below. Booking with  non-refundable deposit also at the same link: : Registration closes:  11/8/2023

MNS Selangor awarded Small Environmental Grant

Cheque-giving ceremony to a representative of the NGO category.  SHAH ALAM, July 8 - MNS Selangor Branch was one of the recipients of the Selangor government's small environmental grant for its Climate Action Kids Engagement (CAKE) field trip to discover mangroves.  Of the 212 submissions received on various themes ranging from river cleaning and tree planting to solar technology applications, community gardens, and awareness programmes including education, only 119 recipients were selected. The Selangor government allocated RM250,000 for the environment grants and RM500,000 for the green technology grants. State Environment, Green Technology, Science, Technology and Innovation, and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman, Hee Loy Sian said at the grant giving ceremony, "Through this programme, the allocation is channelled for the purpose of sponsoring innovative environmental and green technology projects and activities that involve the local community." "Finally, we ca