Special Interest Groups

Selangor Branch has nine special interest groups (SIG). Each SIG focuses on one special interest. MNS members can either join the activities offered by these SIGs or volunteer on the SIG committees.

Bird Group Coordinator: Wong Shea Hong
Vice-Group Coordinator: Bryan Wee Yan Jun

To promote birdwatching and appreciation of wild birds (e.g. day and long trips, introduction to birdwatching); To increase awareness and education on the conservation of birds and their habitats (e.g. Beginners’ birdwatching courses, booth exhibitions, indoor talks) and To contribute to the study and record of birds in Malaysia (Asian Waterbird Census, Raptor Count and Kapar Waterbird Survey)

Cave Group Coordinator: Tony Yap

We promote cave and limestone conservation, collaborations, cave education, exploration and clean-ups in Malaysia. We run the Basic Caving Course, explore and survey Dark Caves Batu Caves and Mulu Caves - Kenyalang.

Flora Group Coordinator: Joshua

We work with volunteers and CSR activities on trail maintenance and enhancement at the Urban Community Trail (Scout Volunteers, Raleigh, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, etc.); guided walks, flora surveys and booth exhibitions
(Temporary Email): branch@mnsselangorbranch.org

Green Living Coordinator: Wong Ee Lynn

We promote a sustainable way of life and raise awareness on issues such as energy use, waste reduction, composting, water use as well as reducing, reusing and recycling resources. We also run Turtle Volunteer Programmes, Community Cleanups; Visit-and-Volunteer sessions at community farms, Eco Kids day camps, Style Swaps, and workshops on writing letters to the editor

Herp Group Coordinator: Chan Yik Khan
We promote conservation and education of herps (shortened from herpetofauna) which are reptile and amphibians i.e. snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs & caecilians. We organise night walks and talks to increase the public’s opinion and knowledge of Herpetofauna.
Facebook: Herp Facebook

Marine Group Coordinator: Dominic O'Sullivan
Co-Coordinator: Wong Se-Wei

We promote marine conservation and raise awareness through educational and marine programmes and skills training for members and the general public.

Nature Guides Acting-Coordinator: Harris

We educate, conserve and protect through talks, guided walks, outdoor classroom, exhibitions, articles, recce and research. Our nature guides breech the gap between hard to understand / grasp scientific facts and layman terms through guided interpretative walks. We also provide a platform of learning and support for aspiring professional Nature Guides.

Pathfinders Group Coordinator: Jimmy Chew

We are true to our name "pathfinders" - bushwhacking and trailblazing - recce and exploration in uncharted areas. We seek relaxation, adventures and challenges in the wild - bonding with the forest, hills and mountains, waterfall and streams - away from hectic, urban stress.
General enquiries: (https://pathfindersmns.t.me/)
To Telegram as a person: @pathfindersmns or https://pathfindersmns.t.me (can add @pathfindersmns into your TG group)

Photo Group Coordinator: Alex Foong

We welcome all photographers interested in nature photography and nature appreciation whatever your level of knowledge or experience. We educate the public about conservation through photography (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival, collaboration on Batu Caves Guide Book)

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