Comment on DEIA: Integrated cement plant in Chiku



An integrated cement plant is planned to be built in Chiku, located in the district of Gua Musang in Kelantan.

The Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment for the plant is currently being reviewed by the Department of Environment, and the public are welcome to send in written comments on the report to the Director General by 3 JUNE 2015 (see some comments below).

The full DEIA report can be downloaded from the DOE website. Just register at and then search for the report here: (Jenis laporan: DEIA, Negeri: Kelantan).

Naturally, raw materials will come from the nearby, little-explored Chiku cave complex which will be blasted into dust. As an MoU has already been signed between Majlis Daerah Gua Musang and ASN Cement without public consultation, commenting on this DEIA is as close as we can get to objecting to this project.

MNS Selangor Branch is worried that yet another little-known Malaysian natural treasure will be destroyed. We have been in touch with our sister Branch in Kelantan, who are against this project too.

The DEIA report claims that 72% of the residents support the project. However our friend in Kg Felda Chiku 7, the nearest village that will most be affected by the blasting of limestone, said that most of the villagers are against this project.

Written comments on the DEIA can be sent to:

Director General

Department of Environment

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Level 2, Podium 3, Wisma Sumber Asli

No. 25, Persiaran Perdana

62574 Putrajaya

(Attn: Assessment Division – DEIA Secretariat)

Tel: 03-8871 2000, Fax: 03-8889 1045

Provide your personal particulars such as full name, contact address & number and email address.

This is not in the DEIA notification, but if you really don't have time to post, please at least send an email to the DOE Director General, Pn. Halimah Hassan at

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